Nancy Wirsig McClure

Illustrator and Designer

Portland, Oregon USA

Do you need custom visuals?
It’s fun to colloborate with me on your creative brief — and then watch me apply both left-brain and right-brain skills to storyboarding, design, illustration, and technically-perfect production.

View my core portfolio of explanatory graphics at
It shows how I can help organizations get custom visual content
for marketing and/or technical communication.

Additional Illustrations: Playful Styles

The images below are more whimsical than the core-portfolio ones.
All are originals by me. All were created digitally.

Click an image to see it enlarged.


All these illustrations are © copyright Nancy Wirsig McClure.

Please contact me if you’d like to use them — or to commission your own custom illustration.

Nancy Wirsig McClure Nancy Wirsig McClure

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About Me and My Business

I am principal and founder of Explanagraphics, a visual communications consultancy in Portland, Oregon.

I help organizations share themselves by designing logos, infographics, print pieces (including long docs), user interfaces (UI), explanatory animation, and presentations (PPT).

My 20+ years of experience span graphic design, thousands of hours using Photoshop and Illustrator, online B2B marketing, technical communication, and degrees in Computer Science and Anthropology.

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